Research Units

The project has four research units. Here you can find a list of the main activities for each research unit.

Polito (webpage)

The Research Unit PoliTO is involved in the project with the following activities: real traces analysis,modeling social relationships and human mobility using cross-layer models, routing algorithms exploiting the specific nature of the mobility for quasi-deterministic scenarios.


The Research Unit UniRM2 is involved in the project with the following activities: analysis of real traces, model application layer information for OSN forwarding operation, suitable data structures and information representation for forwarding purposes,trust, reputation and privacy preserving techniques for OSNs.


The Research Unit PoliMi is involved in the project with the following activities: provide properly filtered traces for mobility, inter- and intra-community forwarding mechanisms, analysis of protocol performances through simulations,cooperative/non cooperative game theory applied to OSNs.

UniMI (webpage)

The Research Unit PoliMi is involved in the project with the following activities: gathering raw data sets, tools for data analysis, processing and filtering, cross-layer models, social and behavioral analysis software scripts, forwarding and data diffusion algorithms and protocols, design and performance assessment, performance/complexity trade-offs.