In this page you can find the publications and scientific works produced in the PeopleNET project.

Data Gathering and Analysis

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Social Interactions and Mobility Models

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Efficient Opportunistic Forwarding and data dissemination

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  • Javed Iqbal, Paolo Giaccone, Interest-based cooperative caching in multi-hop wireless networks, Globecom Workshop on Device-to-Device (D2D) Communication With and Without Infrastructure, Dicembre 2013

Trustworthy Opportunistic Forwarding

  • G. Bianchi, L. Bracciale, P. Loreti “Better than Nothing Privacy with Bloom Filters: to what extent?” UNESCO Chair in Data Privacy, International Conference, PSD 2012, Palermo, Italy, September 26-28, 2012. Proceedings (pdf)


  • Gaito, S., Quadri, C., Rossi, G. P. & Zignani, M. “THINPLE-the new online Sociality is built on top of NFC-based Contacts”, In Proc. IFIP Wireless Days, October 2012. (pdf)